Furniture Customization: From Big Box to Boutique

Clean Chair.png

Finding the right furniture that fits perfectly in a space can be harder than expected. You may like the color and texture, but the legs are too bulky or the shape is ideal, but the upholstery fabric isn’t exactly what the room needs.

For a recent client, their Auburn Chair was gorgeous. It had an interesting shape, was the right scale for the spaces, and was comfortable. But their space had a lot of brass and we wanted to give the chair a high-end feel.

How could we differentiate this affordable chair from the many others that would eventually land in homes across the country? How could we make this one unique?

We decided to accent the legs of the finished legs with thin sheets of brass to add another layer of design to this chair. With precision cuts and clean work the chair is elevated, enhanced. Best of all, took little time and was extremely affordable. Customized pieces don’t need to break the bank. A little innovation goes a long way. And our clients love their one-of-a-kind piece.

Levi AustinComment