Luxury Hotel Bedding



“There’s honestly nothing like it, the feeling of laying down in a perfectly fluffed bed for the first time after a long, stressful day at work. The gentle sounds the sheets make as the air delicately wafts around you. It’s a beautiful thing.” - Levi Austin

Leading luxury hotels around the world start with premium bedding, but each have their own have tricks that make their bedding feel luxurious, lush, and consistently offer guests a great nights’ sleep. Graduating from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, hospitality has always been my passion. I simply love creating lasting impressions.

My goal is to translate my luxury hotel and hospitality experience to your design. Incorporating the same bedding used by top luxury hotels around the world creates the foundation for your new bedroom.

When I design a bedroom, I’ll ask if you’d like to include our 5-star beddinG. It costs less than one night stay in a luxury hotel, but it lasts for years to come.

The Levi Austin Design five-star bedding set brings the complete bedding ensemble featured in luxury rooms and suites, in the best hotels, around the world. Our bedding package can be tailored to your needs, but typically includes a featherbed, protector, down comforter, and two hotel pillows. With the help of Levi Austin Design, we’ll elevate your night-time routine to a luxurious escape.


Bedroom design extends well beyond plush bedding, nightstands, additional lighting, and storage for your clothes - it’s creating a space where everything you need is at your fingertips - in an environment where you feel relaxed, at ease, and want to retreat to - every single day.

Instead of just picking out a beautiful duvet, a few accent pillows, and perhaps a throw, I ask about your nighttime routine in order to design a functional space around your aesthetically pleasing design. Gaining a sense of what you do once your ready for bed helps me design a functional space, custom designed with you in mind.

Whether its additional lighting for reading, a bed-frame for additional storage, optimizing the layout, disguising an eyesore, or setting up all of your outlets on a remote control, whatever your niche is, I’m here to help.

I want you to feel like you’re walking into your own luxury hotel room, designed exclusively for you.

Balancing breathtaking design with everyday function and five-star quality bedding, I’ll create a stunning bedroom that you’ll love to look at, live in and sleep in - every day of your life.

Levi Austin