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Home design should feel as effortless as possible each step along the way. View the sections below to find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.






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About Levi Austin Design


Why should I use Levi Austin Design?

Levi Austin Design was designed with renters in mind. Luxury renters are paying premiums for buildings replete with amenities and beautifully designed common areas, but living in spaces that often need definition and luminosity. It’s possible to create budget-friendly, high impact interior design in ways that are fully reversible without compromising your rental deposit.

We pair high-quality materials with Levi Austin’s artistic expertise and construction ability, delivering innovative design to homes in the New York City area.


How is Levi Austin Design different from other interior design firms?

At Levi Austin Design we start with an initial consultation, where we capture the mood, the tone, the intangible essence you’re looking to create in your home. We translate that to a cerebral idea (e.g., “luxury hotel meets maximalist chic” or ”nouveau riche patisserie at dawn”). We surround our interior design around said overarching theme. We layer in texture, design elements, and custom art to bring your space to life in an aesthetically beautiful, harmonious way. Most importantly our designs meet the everyday functionality and practicality a home should have, especially in the NYC area, where every square foot often serves multiple purposes.

Levi Austin Design uses award-winning, high-resolution 3D renderings that bring our design concepts to life with every detail, accessory, and element in place before purchasing a single item.

Finally, all of our design recommendations will be uploaded to your online design portal to view from any computer or smartphone. No apps, no string of emails - just a one-stop destination, custom designed with you in mind.


What kind of spaces can you design?

Any space you can imagine — from a small studio apartment to a total home project, from curb appeal to backyard oasis. We design any space you desire, with your lifestyle and point-of-view always in mind.


Can I use Your Design services if I don’t live in the NYC area?

Yes, to an extent. Our curated inspiration boards, high-resolution 3D renderings, and sourcing services are all created online. To get started, simply contact us.

Upon our response, provide the layout and dimensions with a few photos of the space to get started with the initial consultation. We’re able to source the interior design elements and provide you with high-resolution 3D renderings to get your project started and organize deliveries at your own pace. Levi’s customized furniture and art can also be shipped directly to you.

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Getting Started

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How do I get started?

Simple, contact us and start talking to Levi Austin, Chief Designer. Enjoy a complimentary, one-on-one consultation in-person or via video conference to get your project started.


What do you use my information for?

We respect your privacy and any information we request is to better know who we’re designing for and where we’re designing. Any information you share with us is safeguarded by our privacy policy.


How much does LEVI AUSTIN DESIGN cost?

Never guess about how much you’re going to spend.

Each of our services have a flat fee involved, so you’ll never need to question hourly rates or measure square-footage. It’s your budget and we respect that. Our Full Service Design offering provides the most cost-effective value - we’ll exceed your interior design expectations without exceeding your budget.

Each space is different, but we always start with a complimentary consultation. Next we move to curated inspiration boards, and high-resolution 3D rendering with each of our interior design projects.

Once you agree to your design fee and scope of work, you’ll be receive an invoice to submit payment for your project.

Our typical payment schedule is as follows:

Interior Design Fee - Upon consultation
50% project deposit - At Least 30 days prior to installation
Remaining project budget - At Least 15 business days prior to installation

Each project is different and we are able to modify the payment schedule to pre-pay over time.

*NOTE: We offer lower rates for multiple rooms and referral rewards.


How should I prepare for my consultation?

All you need to do is be ready to talk about what space you’d like to transform. If you have any inspiration photos (or a Pinterest board) send those over.


What should I expect during my consultation?

This is the initial conversation (either in-person or via video call) to turn your space into what you’ve always hoped it would be. We focus on how you use the space first, then we transition into how you want the space to look and feel.

Throughout the consultation, we discuss your interior design goals, ways to improve your room’s layout and overall flow, the scope of the project (are you using existing furniture, are you painting, etc.) and the budget. The benefit of in-person or via video is it gives you a chance to express your needs in detail and provide intangible insights you simply can’t gleam via email or a design quiz.

We’ll weigh your needs and project scope to create a custom proposal outlining tasks, products to purchase, and recommended next steps.


How long is the initial consultation?

Typically one hour, but we don’t set a timer.

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How long will my project take?

We’re able to work at your desired pace.

Within 24 hours of your consultation, you can access your custom online design portal recapping our conversation. Once payment is remitted, typically within 3-5 business days you’ll be able to view your curated inspiration boards, and a project overview.

Once you’ve aligned on a design direction we’ll fully render your space in high-resolution 3D. This process usually takes 3-5 business days from gaining an accurate layout with dimensions.*

As each interior design project is unique, our goal is to work at a pace you’re comfortable with, while setting realistic expectations for how long a project will take.

*In-person consultations include time to gather all necessary measurements.


What happens when my project begins?

Once you decide to move forward with your high-resolution 3D renderings, we offer the following*:

Product Sourcing

This allows you to place orders and manage deliveries. We curate three (3) options for every item in your high-resolution 3D rendering. We source items within your overall budget for one flat, fixed rate. This service includes two rounds of review and approval for item sourcing. We’ll note the pieces we’re able to fabricate in-house (including art pieces, customized furniture, and specialty installations).

$950 per room

Installation & Staging

Once you’ve received all of your furniture and accessories, we offer installation services, each at fixed rates, sparing you from coordinating with multiple vendors. This could include any larger painting projects, large scale wall art (murals), furniture customization and assembly, and finishing touches.

Because we work with high-resolution 3D renderings, the guesswork is removed from the equation. This enables our team to install at a much faster pace to truly transform your space.

*All hourly rates will be totaled and itemized by task. We provide a quote before starting any project and never unexpectedly change your rates.

Full Design Service

The full design service includes product sourcing and your choice of custom items (original art, customized furniture, or specialty installation), and installation fees are allocated within the overall budget. This also includes sourcing and managing vendors (such as painters), furniture assembly, and staging of your space.

Any Budget
Includes sourcing, installation, and staging

*We encourage utilizing full service design. We source, purchase, and install all the items on your behalf - there are often opportunities to fabricate products in-house, customize items, and create a product experience based around your design.

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The Design Process

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How should I work with my Interior designer?

How you communicate is up to you—email, phone calls, texting—pick your preference. If you want to be heavily involved, we can set up a weekly check-in for your project. All of the design choices will be uploaded to your personal online design portal to access from any computer or smartphone.

The beauty of Levi Austin Design is the use of high-resolution 3D renderings that bring our concepts to life with every detail, accessory, and design element in place before moving forward with purchasing. This allows 100% of the interior design vision to become a reality before moving forward to the installation phase.

This saves time sourcing, visualizing, and generally having any miscommunication with your interior design. If you don’t like the color, shape, or texture of something, we’ll swap it out in the high-resolution 3D rendering. And you can review as many times as you want via your personal online design portal.

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this section Applies to Full Design Services Only

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What is the installation Period?

Each project is unique and may range from 1-5 days of installation. While projects may take only 1 business day for installation and staging, some projects require a few days based on the size or complexity of the interior design. All timing will be discussed and outlined prior to installation.

Once outlined, your portal becomes your personalized booking site, allowing you to schedule and book installation timing that best fits your timing.


What happens with the shipped items prior to installation?

With our strategic planning process, we optimize shipments to align with times we’re on-site working on installations and able to accept deliveries. Any items that are arriving prior to installation day, we ask you store in your residence leading up to installation day.


Can i track the shipments that are being delivered to my home?

If desired, once tracking information is available, all items will be updated on your online design portal. This information is there as a resource in case you need the information. Shipping addresses cannot be updated once the order is processed by the vendor. Please review your shipping address carefully in the planning phase.


What if something goes wrong?

With the Full Design Service, our team takes care of any issues on your behalf including deliveries, installations, or exchanges. We want you to come home on “reveal day” to a beautiful new home that’s even better than the high-resolution 3D rendering.


How can I receive fabric or wallpaper samples from retail vendors?

While not for every project, our design team will source fabrics and wallpapers. Again, we want to make this process as seamless as possible. We have a collection of preferred fabrics and wallpaper samples we think fit your project and are happy to share them with you.

Some projects may require (or you may want) a trip to a fabric store to make our selections together. Just ask.